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Base Twelve

Base Twelve

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The most powerful and complete single supplement created for YOU!

Base 12 is a daily supplement that increases your overall health and wellness with one serving. It contains all the essential vitamins and minerals, amino acids, prebiotics, probiotics, and enzymes.

Base 12 is not merely "science-based" it is Science BACKED! Base 12 is a supplement that contains everything your body needs to sustain life. You are what you eat, and this is the ultimate health supplement, with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and the highest quality natural ingredients on the planet.

Give your body what it needs to address:




☑️Immune Strength and Resiliency

☑️Mental Clarity

☑️Optimal Hydration

☑️Efficient Allergen Response

All of this and so much more! Try Base 12 today and learn just how good you can feel!

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  • High Use (20-day Subscription, billed every 20 days) $8.00 savings
  • Data BACKED, not Data Based

    Most Companies will spin the data and then adjust formulas to get the highest profit for their products. At Base, we refuse to do that. We make sure that data was analyzed and utilized to develop a health supplement that is considered to be the most effective and potent among all the other supplements available in the market.

  • Made for everyone!

    No matter your age, background, gender or even activity level, Base 12 will help you feel your best at all times! If you work out, simply increase how often you take it. A complete product is that simple!

  • Powerful Mental Health

    All this, and powerful Mental Health?

    At Base Level Health, we are all about you and your health and well being. This absolutely includes your mental health! Why not include the most powerful mental health combination into our formula? Yes Please!